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Vista Brake Lock
Air Brake Safety & Security System

Vista Brake Lock added to vehicles equipped with air brakes will prevent unauthorized use and render the vehicle immobile. The operator simply pulls the air brake knob to activate. This innovative technology addresses major safety concerns and can be retrofitted to any existing vehicle, as well as, new manufacture.

Vista Brake Lock is the ONLY system that does not require the operator to do anything additional to secure the vehicle when parking; simply apply the brake like you normally would and Vista Brake Lock will do the rest. The operator is only required to enter an individual access code for Vista to disconnect and allow the vehicle to move — it’s that simple!

AUTOMATICALLY SETS the parking brake if forgotten by driver and IMMOBILIZES vehicle until code is entered on keypad to release park brake!!!

After 9/11, we understand that the threat of public safety apparatus being used by criminals or even terrorists to commit violent acts is real. The problem is our apparatus is vulnerable because we do not routinely utilize security technology to prevent it. Question yourself about the liability YOU, the Chief, carries when your apparatus is left unattended and open to thrill seekers.

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VISTA Park Lock - 24/7 Security for apparatus with hydraulic brakes and automatic transmissions

There are three unique features in the Vista Brake Lock System that set us apart from anything else to secure your vehicle:

Vista Brake Lock - Air Brake Security System

A self contained digital access control keypad with codes from 4 to 8 digits with more than one million code combinations ensures the security of your vehicle. Code combinations will be assigned and managed by users. Codes can be easily changed as needed.

Vista Brake Lock - Air Brake Security System

An air cylinder disconnect is placed between the park brake valve and the park brake valve knob. This disconnect is what separates Vista Brake Lock from all others. The user sends an air signal to the disconnect to release the parking brakes. The air signal is controlled via the keypad and solenoid.

Vista Brake Lock - Air Brake Security System

Individual Sensors will monitor the park brake valve position (road or park), the driver’s door (open or closed) and the driver’s seat (occupied or unoccupied). If the Vista Brake Lock system detects the park brake valve in the “road” position and door open and seat unoccupied, it will send a signal and deploy valve to the “park” position automatically.

Authorized Dealers & Installers:

Vista Brake Lock - Air Brake Security System
Vista Brake Lock - Air Brake Security System
Vista Brake Lock - Air Brake Security System
Vista Brake Lock - Air Brake Security System
Vista Brake Lock - Air Brake Security System
Vista Brake Lock - Air Brake Security System

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